Justin Bieber Hands Off MY Smokey Eye, Bro!

8/4/2017 7:46 AM PDT

Justin Bieber Mocks Pastor Bro for Stealing His Moves with the Paps

Justin Bieber ain't afraid to put his pastor pal in check ... especially when the guy jacks his move.

The Biebs took a mini tour around WeHo Thursday night ... first hitting up the trendy boutique Maxfield before making his way over to Catch. Justin kept mum until one of the guys in his crew, Pastor Rich Wilkerson, busted out the "Smokey Eye" for the paparazzi. That's when he mockingly got in Rich's grill.

If you didn't see "Zoolander 2" (lucky you) ... that was JB's response to "Blue Steel."

All in all ... Justin was in a great mood for good reason. As we reported, Justin won't be facing charges for driving over a photog last week.