Taylor Swift Butt Grab Trial Lawyers Want to Know ... Are You a Swiftie?!

8/7/2017 1:28 PM PDT

Taylor Swift Jury Selection Tries to Weed Out Super Fans

Taylor Swift fans need to know ... the more they like her, the less likely it is that they'll sit in judgment of her.

TMZ obtained the questionnaire prospective jurors must fill out in a lawsuit filed by former DJ David Mueller, who claims Taylor defamed him by claiming he played grab ass with her during a meet-and-greet. Mueller lost his job over it, but Taylor countersued claiming sexual assault.

In the questionnaire, jurors must disclose their level of fanship. For example:

-- Listened to Taylor on the radio.

-- Watched a Taylor video.

-- Read a blog about her.

-- Bought a Swiftie album.

-- "Intentionally listened to Taylor Swift through an online service."

-- Gone to a Taylor Swift concert.

Check out the questions and guess whether you'd be picked as a jury.

The trial starts Monday.