Alt-Right Leader Chased from His Own Presser ... After Charlottesville Chaos

8/13/2017 2:20 PM PDT

'Unite the Right' Leader Chased Away from His Own Press Conference After Charlottesville Protests

A leader of the alt-right group that protested in Charlottesville this weekend tried holding a press conference the day after the chaos ... but had to flee before finishing.

Jason Kessler -- an organizer of 'Unite the Right' -- was chased away from his own presser Sunday as he tried denouncing the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday, while blaming law enforcement, the local government and counter-protesters for the bloodshed.

In prepared remarks, Kessler said cops and local gov officials failed to protect both groups from hurting each other, and went on to say the media failed to show that counter-protesters were the ones who incited the violence against his white supremacist followers.

He didn't get to the end of the speech ... 'cause he had to be rushed away by police from a mob that was coming after him. Kessler took to Twitter afterward to denounce what he called an infringement on his free speech. 

The violence in Chartlottesville left one civilian -- Heather Heyer -- dead when she and a number of others were plowed into by a car ... the driver of which was later apprehended and charged. 2 officers also died in a helicopter crash while monitoring the protests.