Sharon Osbourne I'm Down with Scooter For Cali Governor

8/24/2017 6:37 AM PDT

Sharon Osbourne, I'm Down with Scooter Braun for California Governor


Sharon Osbourne is more than a fan of Scooter Braun ... it seems she might vote for him if he makes a run for Governor of California.

We got Sharon and Ozzy Wednesday night leaving Mr Chow in Bev Hills and asked her about our story ... that some fundraisers and political movers and shakers in the California Democratic Party have approached Scooter and asked him to throw his hat in the ring.

Sharon didn't flinch ... the guy who manages Bieber, Kanye, Usher, Ariana and others would be a credible candidate.

It's interesting ... we're told the reason some Dems are pushing for Braun is that they feel the other leading candidates -- Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa are "flawed" ... presumably because of personal issues.

Sharon thinks the personal lives of politicians are irrelevant if they can do a good job.