Omarosa Gen. Kelly Firing Me??? I'm Too Loyal for Trump to Dump

9/5/2017 7:13 AM PDT

Omarosa Blows Off 'She's Fired' Reports, Says Prez Trump Values Loyalty


Omarosa ain't worried about an attempt to lock her out of President Trump's inner circle, 'cause she has the one thing 45 values more than anything.

We got the ex-"Apprentice" star and current Trump adviser at Reagan International in D.C. and asked straight up -- is it true Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, wants her out?

Omaraosa laughed it off, saying the reports sound awfully similar to stuff she heard when Reince Priebus was running the show.

She added, rather confidently, she has 14 years of face time with Trump in the bank ... and thinks that'll carry her over for a good long while.