Aaron Carter I Don't Talk to My Family ... They're Lying About Suicide Concerns

9/12/2017 6:43 AM PDT

Aaron Carter Shuns Family Concerns About Suicide, 'I Don't Speak to My Family'


Aaron Carter's family is full of crap and merely trying to keep him down on his knees ... according to Aaron.

Aaron was in NYC Monday evening when a photog asked him about police coming to his home 3 times in one day. As TMZ first reported, at least one of those calls was placed by a family member concerned Aaron might harm himself, or relapse into substance abuse.

The troubled singer's blowing off those concerns, and says he doesn't even talk to anyone in his family ... besides his mother. As he puts it, "When I'm trying to get back up on my feet, don't try to swing me off my feet."

On a positive note -- he appears to have a new chick, fresh off his breakup with the last. He was spotted Monday night in Times Square with the mystery woman, only identified as Chloe. She's reportedly a fan who paid for a meet-and-greet with Aaron.