Apple's iPhone X Launch UK Artist Gets Ultimate Publicity I'm Closer to a Record Deal!

9/13/2017 4:42 PM PDT

Apple's iPhone X Could Land Artist Emma Blackery a Record Deal


Apple's head honchos gave the biggest plug possible to an unsigned, independent artist during their iPhone X launch, and she could land a record deal because of it.

We spoke with British singer/songwriter Emma Blackery -- whose EP, "Magnetised," and the artwork to her single got shown to millions of people tuning in Wednesday to Apple's presentation -- and she says it was a godsend.

Emma tells us she and her team knew her album and artwork were going to be on Apple's site, but got taken by surprise with the unexpected cameo on the jumbo screen. As of now, she's mostly known as a vlogger on YouTube.

As you might imagine, her fan base has soared since -- not to mention her business opportunities. She says multiple record labels have come calling ... and she's picking up.