'Shark Tank' Star Kevin O'Leary iPhone X is a Status Symbol That Will Make Me Even Richer!!!

9/14/2017 7:25 AM PDT

'Shark Tank' Star Kevin O'Leary Says Apple's Newest iPhone is a Status Symbol That'll Make Him Even Richer!!!


One of the biz moguls on "Shark Tank" thinks Apple's latest iPhone is priced ridiculously ... but it's still gonna sell like crazy and it will make him a bloody fortune.

We got Canadian businessman Kevin O'Leary Wednesday at LAX and he says the reason the iPhone X is gonna be so damn expensive at $1,000-plus is 'cause Apple has become a luxury brand, and more than that ... it's turned into a lifestyle.

That's all good for Kevin -- dude's a big-time stakeholder in Apple, and he says he's making back his dough. As for whether buyers will shell out for the X ... no doubt.