Jada Pinkett Smith My 'Lil Beast' Can Be Yours for $5k

10/2/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Jada Pinkett Smith's Sweet Old Motorcycle For Sale for $5k


Jada Pinkett Smith's need for speed requires at least 3 wheels these days, which is great news for anyone who wants her old 2-wheel hog she nicknamed "Lil Beast."

Jada's 2011 Yamaha Vstar 650 is for sale. Will bought it for Jada in 2011, and she put fewer than 100 miles on the black and red hog before she sold it 2 years later.

She even posted a send-off on Facebook saying she was a 3-wheeler girl now and forever.

As for the old bike, it's being sold by Yamaha of Cucamonga for $5k ... $1k over market value based on its previous famous owner and low mileage.

The bike now has 3,000 miles.