Justin Theroux to Neighbor You're the One Hiding Stuff!!! (And Get Outta My Yard)

10/4/2017 10:04 AM PDT

Justin Theroux Responds in Angry Neighbor Legal War


Justin Theroux is firing back at the NYC neighbor who's suing him over home renovations -- and his allegedly loud dog -- and claims the guy is only covering up his own domestic issues.

Justin filed a response to the lawsuit, saying Norman Resnicow's demand for the actor to install pricey soundproofing has nothing to do with noise in Justin's apartment. Instead, Justin says Resnicow is trying to conceal his own "volcanic and abusive outbursts emanating from inside his apartment." He adds cops have been called more than once to Resnicow's place over the noise.

And Justin's not taking any crap about his dog either. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, he says Resnicow's complaint about his dog barking too much doesn't add up because the dog hasn't been there since 2011. Plus, when the pooch was there ... no one else ever complained.

This whole mess started with Justin accusing Resnicow of interfering with home renovations he and Jennifer Aniston are having done -- and in the new docs he says he has proof. He's included what he says is a photo taken last month of Resnicow badgering workers -- on Justin's property -- in his PJs, no less.

Resnicow's response -- “With his latest temper tantrum in court, Justin continues to star in his own nasty clown show. Not quite Emmy material.”