Jason Aldean Tells 'SNL' Viewers ... 'Don't Back Down'

10/8/2017 6:48 AM PDT

Jason Aldean Tells 'SNL' Viewers, 'Don't Back Down' After Vegas Massacre

Jason Aldean opened "SNL" Saturday night in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, singing the message, "Don't Back Down."

As you know, Aldean was onstage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival a week ago when Stephen Paddock fired into the crowd, killing scores and injuring hundreds.

"SNL" broke format -- the show usually opens with a skit -- but instead it was Aldean who recounted the horror and then broke into the song with a very determined, defiant look.

TMZ broke the story, an enraged Dana White vented that he had offered Aldean the stage at the UFC fight Saturday night in Vegas, but says the singer lied, claiming he was so shaken up he might never perform again.