Ivanka Trump Third Wheelin' with Trudeau, Wife And Everyone's Lovin' It!

10/11/2017 7:11 AM PDT

Ivanka Trump Third Wheeling with Justin Trudeau

Well, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pulled it off -- a dîner à trois -- with Ivanka Trump and his wife!

If your French sucks, that just means dinner for 3 ... don't get too excited. But Canada's top dawg was the man in the middle of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Ivanka Tuesday night at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit and Gala in D.C.

Could've been a little awkward, since Ivanka and JT have shared a few glances and stated how impressed they are with each other -- but Sophie's clearly the cool chick, and seemed happy to have a hot third wheel.

Unclear if Jared Kushner attended. If he didn't ... big mistake, buddy. Huge.