Harvey Weinstein Rehab Plan Changes ... Now in Scottsdale Area

10/12/2017 8:46 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein's Rehab Plan Changes Again, Now in Scottsdale Area


Harvey Weinstein's private flight to an Arizona rehab facility was diverted at the last minute, and he touched down in a different city than originally planned ... TMZ has learned.

Weinstein is now getting treatment somewhere in the Scottsdale area ... according to well-connected sources. As we reported, the private jet that took off from L.A. Wednesday evening was scheduled to touch down in Wickenburg, AZ ... near The Meadows rehab center.

We're told there had been continued debate in Weinstein's camp about where he should go. You'll recall, there was also talk of him going to Europe -- but ultimately a last-minute decision was made to touch down in Scottsdale.