Mary J. Blige to Ex Give Me $6 Mil and We'll Call It Even

10/27/2017 10:37 AM PDT

Mary J. Blige Demands $6 Mil from Estranged Husband

Mary J. Blige and her estranged husband, Martin Isaacs, are DEEP in debt, but she's willing to let him off the hook for the low, low price of $6 million.

Mary says, in new docs, their community estate is worth negative $11,622,614 ... most of which is money owed to the IRS. Mary's proposing a solution, which is for Martin to pay her $5,990,357. She says that would make good on his half of the debt.

According to the docs, Mary also maintains she shouldn't have to pay Martin spousal support. As she puts it ... she's bearing the burden of their debt, while he is totally unwilling to do anything to support himself.

Translation: get a job, buddy.