Chrissy Teigen About That $1,000 Tip ... I'd Do It Again!

11/7/2017 7:50 AM PST

Chrissy Teigen Says She'd Leave Another $1,000 Tip


Chrissy Teigen has a tipping point when it comes to leaving $1,000 tips and it has nothing to do with what's on the menu.

We got Chrissy at LAX Monday and asked her about the monstrous $1,000 tip she left a waitress at an Ohio Outback Steakhouse last month ... on a $193 bill, by the way. Although Chrissy can't resist Outback's bloomin' onion, it's clearly not what made her drop an extra 500%.

As for dropping another fat tip like that in the future? Let's just say, if you're a server you better bring your A-game when you see Chrissy walk through the door.