Bob Weinstein Happy-Go-Lucky Despite Company Turmoil

11/11/2017 10:41 AM PST

Bob Weinstein Looks Happy-Go-Lucky Despite Company Turmoil and Lawsuits

Harvey Weinstein's brother looks completely unscathed by Harvey's sexual assault scandal and the chaos with The Weinstein Company ... or he's just listening to something really good.

Bob Weinstein was all smiles Friday with his headphones in at the JFK Airport, looking casual and carefree ... even about his untied shoe. It's the first time Bob's been spotted since his bro and business partner was accused of being a sexual predator by more than 50 women.

The Weinstein Company's facing upheaval and lawsuits -- including being sued Friday for defaulting on a $45 million loan -- and as we've reported ... is broke as a joke.

No worries for Bob, though.