Kodak Black Concert Sacked After Fan Goes Whack!!!

11/15/2017 7:29 AM PST

Kodak Black Concert Halted After Fan Climbs Scaffolding


Kodak Black's concert came to a screeching halt after a drunken fan scaled a scaffold before trying to run away and getting his ass arrested.

The rapper was performing Tuesday night at College Street Music Hall in Connecticut when about an hour into the show the fan began his ascent. TMZ obtained video of the pandemonium ... showing the fan dancing on a platform while someone in Kodak's crew tries to go after him.

Check it out ... fans got pissed that the concert came to a grinding halt ... you even see someone in Kodak's crew chuck water bottles at the fan.

Law enforcement tells us the fan tried to escape out a back door but cops got to him and arrested him for breach of peace.

He was given a summons and told to scram.