JFK Oil Painting Sells for Over $162k ... Trump's Art Goes for Much Less

12/2/2017 11:19 AM PST

JFK's Oil Painting Sells for $162,500 at Auction, Trump's Art Goes for Much Less


There's officially a winner in the presidential art auction showdown between John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump -- it's JFK ... by a landslide.

Kennedy's original oil painting from 1955 sold at Heritage Auctions' Americana & Political Memorabilia auction Saturday for a whopping $162,500. As we reported ... it's signed by JFK and hung in Robert F. Kennedy's Hickory Hill home for years.

Trump's artwork -- a detailed doodle of the NYC skyline -- didn't spark as much frenzied bidding as Kennedy's ... but still sold for a respectable $20,000. Trump's drawing was donated to a charity in 2005.

Heritage Auctions director Tom Slater says art done by U.S. presidents is in high demand these days among collectors ... so the 2 high bidders have to be feeling pretty good about their score.

But maybe one more than the other.