Ryan Seacrest I May Not Be that Coordinated ... But at Least I'm Super Rich!!!

12/3/2017 7:51 AM PST

Ryan Seacrest Trips Over His Dog During Walk in Beverly Hills

Ryan Seacrest by all accounts is a very good dog owner ... but not necessarily a coordinated dog owner.

Ryan was walking his black lab Georgia Saturday in the Bev Hills area when he either got tangled up in the leash or just plain stumbled. Georgia looks startled but was unhurt

Seacrest was in L.A. for the Jingle Ball iHeart concert which he MC'd.  He flies coast-to-coast a lot ... he has to be in NYC during the week to host "Live" with Kelly Ripa.  He'll be flying even more when "American Idol" fires up next month.  It will be shot in L.A.