Rose McGowan Weinstein Keeps Living It Up While Victims Get Shamed

12/5/2017 7:56 AM PST

Rose McGowan Blasts Harvey Weinstein, Victim Shamers


Harvey Weinstein's living in the lap of luxury -- like nothing ever happened -- while sexual harassment victims are facing unfair backlash ... according to Weinstein's archenemy, Rose McGowan.

Rose was pretty fired up at LAX when we asked her about rising criticism of some sexual harassment accusers. As we first reported ... Kevin Dillon called out the woman accusing Jeremy Piven.

We also pointed out Weinstein is still hanging out at fancy restaurants in Arizona. He's not even wearing disguises anymore ... seemingly returning to his normal life.

You can bet that didn't sit well with Rose, and she sent a strong message -- but don't get it twisted. She's NOT saying Harvey is #1.