Omarosa I Got Free Time ... Let's Go Shopping

12/18/2017 7:37 AM PST

Omarosa Goes Christmas Shopping at L.A. Mall

We doubt Omarosa would say she's glad she got fired -- hell, she won't even admit she was -- but she's definitely making the most of her newfound free time.

She was cruising around Topanga Mall, outside L.A., on Sunday with a friend. Looks like they hit up NY & Co. for some holiday deals. Although the White House and Omarosa insist she's still working until Jan. 20, she's been jetting all over the country since she was, ummm ... let go from her gig with Prez Trump.

In less than a week of unemployment ... she's gone from D.C. to NYC, back to D.C. and now out west.

No excuse to NOT get her Christmas shopping done now.