Ex-'Basketball Wives' Star My Ex is Stalking, Harassing Me Give Me Protection Too!

12/21/2017 11:26 AM PST

'Basketball Wives' Star Jennifer Williams Says Her Ex is Stalking, Harassing Her


Ex-'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams is firing back at her ex who just got a temporary restraining order against her, claiming he's stalking and harassing her ... and she's scared for her life.

Jennifer filed for her own restraining order Wednesday on the heels of her ex-BF James "Tim" Norman being granted one himself after he claimed she slashed his tires and worse.

In her own petition for protection -- which was ultimately denied until a judge can talk to 'em both in court -- she says Tim has been leaking info that she says was stolen from her phone in an attempt to embarrass her, while also claiming he's been stalking her.

Jennifer says she wants a judge to throw down the hammer on Tim and force him to leave her alone so she can move on. She also says he's got at least 4 guns, and she's fearful for her own safety.

BTW ... she's also afraid he will harm a dog named Gia -- which is presumably her pup.