L.A. City Attorney Michael Feuer 'Itching' To File Criminal Sexual Harassment Case

12/21/2017 2:04 PM PST

L.A. City Prosecutor 'Itching' to File Criminal Sexual Harassment Case


L.A. City's top prosecutor is anxiously waiting for a sexual harassment case to land on his desk so he can "make a point" ... this according to sources inside his office.

We're told City Attorney Mike Feuer has his team ready to file what will almost certainly be a misdemeanor sexual battery case. Problem is ... so far there are no cases to file.

TMZ broke the story ... the LAPD's Sexual Assault Section of the Robbery-Homicide Division is writing reports on every sexual assault complaint the Department receives, even if the statute of limitations has run or the evidence is thin. The reports will all be forwarded to the L.A. County District Attorney, which can prosecute felony rape, battery or other criminal charges.

If the D.A. feels a case isn't suitable for felony prosecution it can be referred to the City Attorney for misdemeanor prosecution, and that's what Feuer is waiting for.

Our sources say Feuer wants in the game so his office can weigh in on the importance of prosecuting these cases.

We're told Feuer's interest is not specifically targeted at Harvey Weinstein, who we're told has the largest number of LAPD complaints. Feuer wants a prosecution, whether it's against Weinstein or not.

As one City Attorney source put it, "It's only a matter of time before the Office files a case."