'Big Bang Theory' Star Alice Amter I Support Matt Damon People Need to Chill

12/22/2017 7:07 AM PST

'Big Bang Theory' Star Alice Amter Supports Matt Damon's Sexual Harassment Comments


Actress Alice Amter jumped to Matt Damon's defense Thursday night, saying it's grossly unfair to skewer Damon for saying it's wrong to lump all men in the same basket on the subject of sexual harassment.

The 'Big Bang Theory' actress was at Craig's restaurant in WeHo and she was more than eager to support Matt, who said recently all sexual harassment shouldn't be treated the same ... that there's a spectrum of behavior.

Amter says it's unfair to lambaste people for offering their opinions. She's referring to a recent petition to ax Damon from "Ocean's 8."

She also thinks it's unfair for the media and the public to demand the heads of people accused of harassment without due process.