Beyonce & Jay-Z Bust Out the Electric Slide!!!

12/22/2017 7:09 AM PST

Beyonce and Jay-Z Do the Electric Slide!!!

Beyonce and Jay-Z know an oldie but a goodie when they feel it ... enter the electric slide!!!

Bey and Jay led a group of family members to the popular dance as Frankie Beverly and Maze's "Before I Let Go" blared in the back at a recent family party. Bey's mom, Tina Knowles, posted the video but later took it down. Not sure why, the video is AWESOME!!!

Tina had captioned it, "Why at every party even a kids party do we have to do 10 versions of the Harlem shuffle, electric slide, cupid Shuffle, wobble Shuffle the Texas shuffle, everything but the kitchen sink Shuffle."