Celebs In Memoriam Were 2017 Deaths ... More Shocking Than Last Year's?

12/29/2017 12:40 AM PST

Were the Celebrity Deaths of 2017 More Shocking Than Last Year's?

A bunch of celebs died over the course of this year -- and as tragic as they were, we gotta ask ... do their deaths top 2016 in shock value?

Stars as big as Hugh Hefner, Tom Petty and Bill Paxton all passed away in 2017 -- but the year also saw back-to-back suicides in rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

Remember, the world lost Prince (and A LOT of other people) last year -- which left tons of folks shook. But, the fallen stars of 2017 might've been just as earth-shattering.

Take a look back at who we've lost in Hollywood this year ... RIP.