Post Malone To My 'Culture Vulture' Critics Congrats, You're a Hater

1/28/2018 10:56 AM PST

Post Malone Slams 'Culture Vulture' Critics at LIV's Pegasus World Cup Party

Post Malone had a message for his critics who've accused of him of being a "culture vulture" in hip-hop ... which turned out to be a perfect segue into music.

Post was one of tons of celebs who came out Saturday night for LIV nightclub's Boardwalk at Pegasus World Cup Invitational to celebrate the big horse race near Miami. Others included Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell, Lenny Kravitz, Olivia Culpo, and lots more. 

Toward the end of his set, Post took a minute to address some controversy surrounding his alleged misappropriation of black culture through his music -- this after saying last year that modern-day hip-hop was superficial and emotionless

Let's just say Post disagrees with his "haters" ... and he's happy to accept their "Congratulations" on all his success.