O.J. Simpson Fred Goldman Loses Over Autograph Signing

1/30/2018 7:39 AM PST

O.J. Simpson, Fred Goldman Loses Over Autograph Signing (UPDATE)


9:10 AM PT -- There was a hearing in L.A. Tuesday morning ... and the judge just made the ruling in Simpson's favor official.

Score one for O.J. Simpson, who just won a legal round against Fred Goldman over autograph signing. Ron Goldman's dad went to court to get an order forcing anyone who profited from O.J. Simpson signing autographs to turn over the proceeds to him to satisfy the $33 million civil judgement that has swelled to $70 million.

The judge has tentatively ruled Goldman messed up by failing to name specific people who profited.

TMZ broke the story ... Simpson held a secret autograph session back in October -- signing helmets and other items -- and Goldman believes the man who killed his son profited from it.