Stormy Daniels to Wendy Williams My Vagina's Trained & Beautiful ... Come See It, Anytime!!!

1/31/2018 1:55 PM PST

Stormy Daniels Fires Back at Wendy Williams for Vagina Monologue


Stormy Daniels is going to war -- a vagina war -- with Wendy Williams, and she's willing to put it ALL on the line ... TMZ has learned.

Stormy caught wind of Wendy's show Wednesday when the host called her washed up, messy -- and the coup de grace -- "all worn out down below." Now, Stormy's firing back, telling TMZ ... "My vagina is a well trained beautiful athlete that would not have the longest running contract in porn history if she were ugly."

The porn star -- who now swears she did NOT bang Donald Trump -- says she'd be happy to show Wendy what she's working with, whenever Wendy wants.

All jokes aside ... Stormy's upset about the attack on her lady parts, and says she's considering a defamation lawsuit.

She might want to get a consultation before pursuing that.