Wiz Khalifa Sued 'Most of Us' Don't Steal Songs ... But, You Did!!!

2/1/2018 3:02 PM PST

Wiz Khalifa Sued by Rapper for Allegedly Jacking 'Most of Us'

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Wiz Khalifa got a demo CD from a fellow rapper, and liked the track so much he decided to make it his own hit song ... so claims that rapper in a new lawsuit.

Hip-hop artist Cymple Man claims he met Wiz in 2012 in the Salt Lake City airport, and gave him 2 copies of an original song he'd recorded, called, "Most of Us." Cymple says he wanted to see if Khalifa was interested in a collab.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Cymple never heard back from Wiz, but then in 2016, Khalifa released his self-titled album with a song he says "unmistakably copies the essential elements" of Cymple's song. Of course, Wiz's track is also "Most of Us."

Cymple Man is suing Khalifa for damages and wants him to stop using his song.