Cardi B Puts a Bow On Baby Talk

2/14/2018 4:54 PM PST

Cardi B Not Hiding from Baby Talk, Drawing Attention to Her Belly

Cardi B isn't SAYING she's pregnant, but she's sure playing it up to the max at New York Fashion Week.

Cardi showed up at the Marc Jacobs show Wednesday night in a colorful dress that included a giant bow tied right over her belly. She's no fool and knows everyone's looking to see if she's prego, for real.

TMZ broke the story ... someone on Cardi's team told a nightclub staffer over Super Bowl weekend, the rapper is 3-4 months pregnant. That's just what the rep said. Cardi herself has previously denied having anything in the oven.

For what it's worth ... there was no OBVIOUS baby bump at the Marc Jacobs event.

Since our post, she hasn't said yay or nay -- but Cardi's perfectly placed bow makes it seem like she's ready to milk this for all it's worth.