Kevin O'Leary I'm the Sharpest Shark ... At Least I Made an Offer for Ring!!!

2/28/2018 3:52 PM PST

'Shark Tank' Star Kevin O'Leary Talks Missing Out on $1 Billion Ring Deal


Kevin O'Leary is in a pretty good mood, considering he and the other "Shark Tank" moguls missed out on a cut of $1 BILLION Amazon paid for a product they let slip through their hands.

Mr. Wonderful talked to us about whiffing on Ring, a smart doorbell company once pitched on "Shark Tank" (as DoorBot) by its creator Jamie Siminoff. Kevin proudly reminded us he's the only shark who made an offer.

Even though he couldn't close the deal, Kev has no hard feelings and says he KNEW Jamie was gonna make it big.

Now that Siminoff's a billionaire, Mr. Wonderful has some advice for him on what to do with his cheddar. Hint: It's time to swim with the sharks. 

As for why Amazon coughed up so much money? Kevin says Jeff Bezos was protecting the bottom line.