Queen Elizabeth 1981 Assassination Attempt Revealed ... New Zealand Officials Covered It Up

3/1/2018 10:26 AM PST

Queen Elizabeth 1981 Assassination Attempt by New Zealand Teenager Revealed

Queen Elizabeth was the target of an assassination attempt in New Zealand, but government officials covered it up over fear of losing future Royal tours ... according to new declassified docs.

New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service says 17-year-old Christopher Lewis fired a shot at the Queen during her October 1981 visit to Dunedin. He was arrested shortly afterward -- a rifle and used gun cartridge were found in a building overlooking QE2's parade route.

Police at the time claimed the gunshot sound was caused by a falling sign, and journalists have said cops told them not to report the incident.

According to the docs, Lewis intended to kill Elizabeth, but was never charged for it. Instead, he was accused of merely discharging a firearm. The lesser charge was an apparent attempt by top officials to cover up any connection to the Queen's parade.

Lewis served an initial jail term and went on to commit armed robberies and be charged with murder. He killed himself in prison in 1997.