Nipsey Hussle We Need to Beat DJ Akademiks' Ass For Dissing 21 Savage

3/7/2018 11:01 AM PST

Nipsey Hussle Calls for Public Beatdown of DJ Akademiks

Nipsey Hussle is calling for a public ass-whoopin' of hip-hop blogger DJ Akademiks  ... in response to Akademiks ripping into 21 Savage

Nipsey was on New Hip Hop News podcast with Tariq Nasheed Wednesday when he went off about  Akademiks criticizing 21's decision to stop blowing his money on jewelry, and start investing.

Nipsey applauds 21's shift, but he's pissed at Akademiks' reaction -- which seemed to belittle Savage for being off-brand -- and says the blogger needs to get "f***ed up" for saying such things. Especially because Savage's new outlook is nothing but a good influence on his followers.

Unclear if he's speaking hypothetically here, but it's clear Nipsey's sick of Akademiks pushing old stereotypes on rappers.