Sharon Osbourne Makes Busty Suggestion For Trump's Wall

3/14/2018 7:08 AM PDT

Sharon Osbourne Makes Busty Suggestion for Trump's Border Wall

Sharon Osbourne's got a borderline inappropriate suggestion for President Trump's border wall that, if implemented, would probably entice more people to climb over -- on BOTH sides!

We got Sharon leaving Craig's Tuesday night in WeHo and wanted to get her take on Trump's wall-shopping trip outside San Diego. As we reported, the Prez checked out some wall, and at a news conference he called Mexicans "incredible climbers." Classic 45, right?

Sharon at first scoffed at the question, but then dug into it ... and wanted to know if Trump was adding a, shall we say, special touch to wall models he perused. She was joking, but something tells us POTUS would give her idea some thought.

Later, Sharon was leaving Delilah when she REALLY went for Trump's jugular.