Florida School Shooting Video Shows 'Coward' Deputy As Shooting Begins

3/15/2018 10:00 AM PDT

Florida School Shooting Video Shows 'Coward' Deputy As Shooting Begins

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Cops just released video showing the deputy who was allegedly cowering outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High when the shots started flying.

The video shows Deputy Scot Peterson outside the school at 2:22 PM EST ... about a minute after Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside the school. Peterson and an apparent staffer at the school knock on a door, but then quickly turn in the other direction. You can see Peterson on his radio as they quickly walk away and get in a golf cart.

Peterson has claimed he thought the shots were coming from outside the building -- but critics, including some investigators, think surveillance footage proves he knew it was inside.

Peterson's been reamed by everyone, including President Trump, for failing to engage Cruz. The Broward Co. Sheriff says Peterson was outside the building for "upwards of four minutes" while the shooting happened.

Peterson, who's been labeled the so-called "Coward of Broward County," was initially suspended without pay, but eventually resigned 8 days after the shooting.