Melissa Gilbert Slams Betsy DeVos 'I Think She's a MORON!!!'

3/15/2018 6:38 AM PDT

Melissa Gilbert Slams Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as 'Moron'


Melissa Gilbert wants people to know how she really feels about Betsy DeVos, who, for starters .. Melissa considers a total embarrassment to their home state. And, that's the nicest thing she said.

The former "Little House on the Prairie" child star was leaving NBC Studios Wednesday in NYC when we asked for her 2 cents on Donald Trump's Secretary of Education, who recently bombed the crap outta her interview on "60 Minutes."

Melissa's no stranger to politics. She ran for congress in Michigan in 2016, and won the Democratic primary before health issues forced her to drop out -- and the fact DeVos is also from Michigan ain't sitting well with her.

She summed up the "60 Minutes" interview with one word, and is clearly baffled by Betsy's body of work. TBH, Melissa came THIS close to calling her clueless.

It ain't easy being "Secretary of Educatuon."