Barack Obama I Got a New Move for Ya, Michelle ...

3/22/2018 1:45 PM PDT

Barack Obama Nuzzles Noses with Maori Tribe Members

Barack Obama hit it on the nose in New Zealand -- saying hello the right way by pressing his face up against his hosts. No lip locking, of course.

Obama flew solo way down under for a couple meetings, and moments after touching down he got a traditional welcome ... Maori style. At least 3 female tribe members went forehead-to-forehead with the former prez and rubbed noses with him. Think Eskimo kisses, with a Kiwi twist.

44 also got some customary gifts -- 2 whale tooth pendants ... one for him, and one for Michelle. Although, we think she'd settle for some nose-to-nose action with her man.

Just sayin' ...