DJ Paul Sorry Marchers ... We Gotta Have Guns for Protection

3/24/2018 3:37 PM PDT

DJ Paul Says We Need Guns to Protect Ourselves in the Future


DJ Paul has a very dark and scary vision of our future, which is why he says we need guns ... including assault rifles.

We got the Memphis rapper at LAX Saturday and asked him about gun control, the hot-button issue of the day with March for Our Lives events happening all over the country. He says the best approach is a slogan he saw on a college dorm room sticker ... which is anti-idiot, not anti-gun.

DJ Paul tells us we do need to do a better job keeping guns out of the wrong hands, but banning them is a bad idea ... because he thinks we're heading toward imminent war.

He's basing this off an episode of "20/20" he saw 11 years ago in which a man predicted America would be too poor to afford homeland security in 20 years. That means we're 9 years away from dystopia ... and the Three 6 Mafia founder thinks we'll need all the guns we can get for protection.

He's dead serious, too.