Pamela Anderson Solidarity with Son Brandon 'I Love My Dad'

3/27/2018 6:03 AM PDT

Pamela Anderson's Son Brandon Lee, 'I Love My Dad'


Pamela Anderson made a point of showing support for her son, Brandon Lee, Monday night by dining at paparazzi central.

Pam and Brandon broke bread at Craig's in WeHo, and the topic of conversation -- at least for us -- was the criminal investigation triggered by the brutal knockout of Tommy Lee at the hands of his 21-year-old son.

Brandon was a man of few words, but he was quick to say, "I love my dad" ... he pretty clearly wants to settle the beef ignited when Pam brought up Tommy Lee's domestic violence case in a recent interview.

Pam is living in France with her soccer-playing boyfriend, but is back in L.A. to shoot a PSA on the dangers of ridesharing.