Rich the Kid Crashing USC Was a Real Plug Walk Now, Let's Walk & Plug!

3/29/2018 10:40 AM PDT

Rich the Kid Explains Why He Crashed a USC Classroom


Rich the Kid sure knows how to hype up an album with some good ol' fashioned viral marketing -- just ask students at USC ... and our photog, who got a taste of it himself.

We got Rich Thursday at LAX, a day after he was spotted disrupting a USC class that was in session -- where he hopped up on a table, tossed around some papers and played tunes off his new record, "The World Is Yours" ... which officially drops this Friday.

He says the crash course was the real deal, and he didn't even have to answer to any authorities for the stunt. Rich also tells us it was all "for the fans" -- but we know a plug when we see it. 

Especially if you flash it in front of our faces ... just sayin'.