Russell Simmons My Rape Accuser's a Liar ... Her Texts and Nudes Prove It!!!

4/4/2018 11:30 AM PDT

Russell Simmons Denies Non-consensual Sex with Rape Accuser Jennifer Jarosik


3:17 PM PT -- Jarosik's attorney, Perry C. Wander, tells us, "Ms. Jarosik is a loving mother and a good parent and her parenting abilities have no relevance in this matter."

Russell Simmons claims a woman accusing him of sexual assault sent him loving texts and even nudes after the alleged rape ... and her lawsuit is nothing more than a cash grab.

Simmons says in new legal docs, he and Jennifer Jarosik had a casual relationship for over a decade and occasionally had sex ... but it was always consensual. He claims Jarosik frequently sent him loving messages and unsolicited nude photos -- including just weeks after the alleged 2016 rape and long after another 2011 sexual assault he claims she's publicly accused him of.

Simmons' lawyer says in court papers he believes this is nothing more than a shakedown, and that "only after hearing that women were able to recover money for real abuse by sexual predators, did Ms. Jarosik decide to see if she could extract large amounts of money" from him.

He also claims Jarosik has been found by a court to have a "propensity to exaggerate" and to suffer from "untreated mental health issues." Simmons calls her claims complete fiction.

As we reported ... Jarosik claims Simmons propositioned her for sex at his home in 2016, and when she refused, he became aggressive, assaulted her and proceeded to rape her. She is suing him for millions.