Step2 to Blac Chyna Thanks For Proving We Make Durable Buggies!!!

4/5/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's Stroller Rage at Six Flags Bolsters Buggy's Durability Claim


Blac Chyna inadvertently helped a buggy stroller company prove its product is a durable blast on wheels ... but there's ZERO chance BC's getting a deal outta this.

We spoke to a rep at Step2 -- the company that makes the exact buggy Blac Chyna swung as a weapon during a clash at Six Flags -- and they tell us while the stroller-throwing fight didn't cause a spike in sales for the Whisper Ride 2 Buggy, it did hammer home one of their main selling points ... the buggies are strong as hell.

As we reported ... BC's outburst included her grabbing the buggy's handle and violently swinging it at the woman who set her off. Chyna also had a little tug-of-war and dragged the buggy. At one point, you see the buggy's purple hood snap off before someone in BC's crew easily snaps it back in place. See, durable.

The rep lets it be known they do NOT condone BC's behavior -- and neither did Momiie, which dropped her ass. Goes without saying ... Step2's got no plans to work with Blac Chyna.