Chris Brown Gets Pissed at Valet ... 'I Should Knock You Out'

4/6/2018 8:16 AM PDT

Chris Brown Gets Pissed at Valet, 'I Should Knock You Out'

Chris Brown went off on the valet parking attendant outside TAO Los Angeles, threatening to put hands on the guy for some reason.

Chris and a group of friends were leaving the hot spot Thursday night, when he got into an argument over the service charge. We don't know the numbers, but it's clear Chris thinks he's being rooked because he says, "I should knock you out."

CB, standing inches from the guy's face, says the only reason he isn't throwing down is because there are too many cameras around. He eventually forks over some dough, but also issues a final threat.

As Chris put it ... there's gonna be a sequel between himself and the valet.

The whole scene reminded us of another run-in Chris had 5 years ago at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City. No violence that time either, but man, does Breezy have parking lot issues!