Mally Mall Coachella's Gonna Get Sued Over Belly Beatdown

4/22/2018 7:09 AM PDT

Mally Mall Says Coachella Will Get Sued Over Belly Beatdown


Mally Mall says the folks who run Coachella better lawyer up quick ... 'cause they're asses are about to get sued over the brutalization of Belly.

We got the producer Saturday night at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood and he doesn't need more information ... he says the video is enough proof to trigger a lawsuit. 

As we reported, Belly was in the crowd at The Weeknd's performance during Coachella week 1 when around 10 security guys started pummeling him.   It's unclear if Belly was injured. 

We had reached out to the folks at Coachella to find out what Belly had done, but got no response.

Belly had performed earlier in the day ... as a matter of fact, he posted that it was the best performance of his life, adding, "No negative bulls*** can steal my joy."

If Mally Mall's right, a little Coachella cash could add to Belly's joy.