Melania to Prez Trump Fine, I'll Hold Your Hand in Public!! But, I Ain't Gonna Be Happy

4/25/2018 6:40 AM PDT

Melania and President Trump Reach Hand-Holding Peace Treaty

Melania Trump pulled a France -- appropriately before her first State dinner -- and fully surrendered her right hand to President Trump. Vive la France!

The First Lady and POTUS posed for pics Tuesday night before breaking baguettes with French Prez Macron and his wife at the White House. Unlike earlier in the day, the Prez and Melania got a grip ... of each other's hands.

When the Macrons arrived, Melania had subtly -- and hilariously -- shunned Trump's attempts to hold her hand.

She might not have been smiling Tuesday night, but at least they reached an accord -- which apparently requires him to gush over Melania's dinner on Twitter.

We're kidding. We're sure he means it.

See, Trump can reach across the aisle, if absolutely necessary.