Dennis Rodman I'm a Badass Ambassador ... Look What I Did with Kim Jong-un!!!

4/29/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman Believes He Helped Kim Jong-un Come Around on Trump and U.S.


Dennis Rodman is ecstatic his friends, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, are getting along ... especially because he believes he played a big part in bringing the peace.

We spoke with the basketball Hall of Famer about North Korea's newfound friendliness with the U.S. and its historic summit with South Korea ... he tells us it's simply been the result of open communication and good old-fashioned diplomacy.

Rodman also points to his June 2017 visit to N. Korea -- in which he supplied Jong-un with some of Trump's books -- as a catalyst for the dictator's change of heart about the Prez and the American people.

Dennis is clear he doesn't want to take the credit for the good vibes happening right now ... but he can't hide his joy in the role he played.

After all ... it's been his goal for a while now.