Amber Rose Black Woman Started #MeToo But, the Movement's Getting Real White

4/30/2018 7:02 AM PDT

Amber Rose Says #MeToo Is Forgetting Black Women


Amber Rose IS taking a shot at the #MeToo movement, BUT she wants to make her feelings clear -- she's not against it ... she just thinks it ain't doing a damn thing for women of color.

Amber and friends were leaving Argyle Sunday night when we asked why she'd been so critical of #MeToo recently. Amber thinks someone got it twisted, and tells us she merely wants everyone to remember Tarana Burke ... the black woman who turned the hashtag into a full-blown movement.

She relents "rich white women" deserve justice, too, but adds ... "Just don't leave us out." 

We know, some of you might be wondering -- and Amber says she is black, Portuguese, Irish and Italian. Also worth noting ... Amber's been fighting for women, especially strippers, with her annual Slut Walk.

So, yes ... she walks the walk.