'The Walking Dead' Back on the Horse! Cast Shooting Season 9

5/3/2018 3:03 PM PDT

'The Walking Dead' Begins Shooting Season 9

Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Michonne are all back in front of the same bloody camera lens -- shooting for season 9 of "The Walking Dead" is officially underway.

The surviving cast of 'TWD' were all spotted on set Thursday as filming for the new season began in Atlanta and, from the looks of it, a lot of the characters are gonna be getting around on horseback.

Except Daryl, of course ... he's sticking to his hot wheels. 

A few noteworthy observations ... Rick and Jesus are rocking new, clean-cut looks -- and Jadis and the Oceanside ladies have apparently integrated with the rest of the group. 

No sign of Negan, though ... who was last seen as Rick's prisoner. But we're sure he'll show his mug eventually. Also absent, for now ... the freakin' zombies.

They've got killer day rates.