The Walking Dead Negan's Barbed Wire Bat 'Lucille' ... Hits Auction Block

You can own one of the most iconic props from one of the most iconic shows -- Negan's barbed wire-wrapped bat, "Lucille," from "The Walking Dead" -- giving a whole new meaning to hitting the auction block!

If you watch TWD, you know Lucille.

The bat has been at the center of some of the series' most shocking moments ... and now it's available at Goldin Auctions. Bidding starts at $3K ... but the bat will ultimately go for much more.

During the season 6 finale/season 7 premiere, one of the show's most beloved characters was brutally killed by Lucille ... at the hands of Negan, leader of the Saviors, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Several versions of the bat were made and used in production. This specific bat is a "hero version" ... meaning it was meant for up close shots on television, so it's the highest quality of the props.

Lucille is 34 inches long and has a "4" marked on the knob of the bat ... to signify the bat's length (inches past 30).

GA doesn't only have the bat on the block. They're also selling other iconic TWD items ... including Daryl's 1992 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk motorcycle and Rick's (rubber) Colt Python Stunt, and his worn and bloodied Sheriff top.

The Walking Dead series -- which premiered in 2010 -- will air its series finale in November.

The auction wraps October 15 ... eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

'WALKING DEAD' MOSES J. MOSELEY Scholarship Started In His Honor

The family of "The Walking Dead" star Moses J. Moseley has created the perfect way to honor the actor's legacy by starting a scholarship in his name.

Moses' sister, Teera Kimbro, tells TMZ … the MJM3 Fitness Scholarship came to be after she read the actor's journal after his passing. He had 5 goals written down for the year -- buy a condo, create a cartoon series, go to Germany for his birthday, start a fitness t-shirt brand, and create a scholarship.

She tells us Moses did a survey in college, trying to determine if student debt was a source of depression among college kids ... giving him the idea to create a scholarship and help with students' mental health.

After learning about his goal, Teera knew the idea had to live on, which is when the MJM3 fund was created -- the "3" comes from him being the 3rd child in the family.

The scholarship through will provide 3 qualifying high school seniors or undergrads with $1,000 each to go towards their tuition. His family knows Moses would be proud that his legacy is making a difference in the world.

As we reported, Moses' body was found in his car back in January, and cops in Georgia started investigating his death as a possible suicide ... the cause of death couldn't be determined, however ... according to his death certificate.

'Walking Dead' SFX Chief Greg Nicotero ... The Finale is to Die for!!!

eat your heart out, 'WD' Fans!!!

It's a wrap for "The Walking Dead" ... and as the blood and guts get mopped up from their set, one of the series' head honchos is promising fans ... they'll be dying over the ending.

We got Greg Nicotero -- an EP on 'TWD' and the lead special effects supervisor on the show -- at LAX Wednesday ... and considering they just finished filming for the last time as a crew just hours earlier, there was a lot to get to as far as final thoughts from the OG here.

For starters ... we asked if Norman Reedus was all good after recently suffering a concussion on set -- and, indeed, Greg tells us he's well healed ... while shedding a little more light on what happened. Sounds like he -- and everyone else -- was burnt out from a grueling schedule.

Greg also told us about future plans -- both 'Walking Dead'-related and otherwise -- and it sounds like he's got quite the slate of work ahead of him.


Now, of course ... we also had to ask what, if anything, he might've taken home as a souvenir -- and lo and behold, he doesn't disappoint. Greg says he certainly has a few mementos from his decade-plus of shooting ... pretty much all the big props you can imagine (shout-out Negan lovers).

You can tell the show has meant so much to Greg, which is why he left the best for last -- a guarantee to a bloodthirsty fanbase that this final season won't disappoint. Fingers crossed!

Norman Reedus Heartfelt Speech To 'The Walking Dead' Crew ... Last Day Of Production


"The Walking Dead" has officially wrapped production on its final season, and the show's star, Norman Reedus, gave an emotional speech to the cast and crew, even getting some laughs.

Norman -- who plays Daryl Dixon -- took the mic after shooting the series' final scene Wednesday night, and spoke about how the "Walking Dead juice" is worth the "squeeze."

Sources tell TMZ ... while laughter erupted, everyone got somber, too ... hit with the realization it's a wrap for the "Walking Dead" fam. As Norman expressed his gratitude, everyone was hugging, with zombies in full makeup gripping the closest soldier tight ... of course, it's a grip of love, not hunger.

Behind Norman was fellow actress Melissa McBride tightly squeezing Executive Producer Greg Nicotero ... who also spoke, saying he's a better person because of everyone he's met throughout their 11 seasons.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Sources say the final night felt like an endless party ... everyone taking pics with tears in their eyes.

Of course, the show didn't reach the goal line with a perfect finish ... as we reported, Norman suffered a concussion 2 weeks before, being discharged from the hospital soon after.

'Walking Dead' Moses J. Moseley Cause Of Death Could Not Be Determined ... Biden Sends Family Letter

The investigation into the shooting death of 'Walking Dead' actor Moses J. Moseley could not resolve whether the fatal shot was intentional or accidental.

According to Moses' death certificate, obtained by TMZ, the cause of death could not be determined.

TMZ broke the story ... Moses' body was found in his car back in January, and cops in Georgia started investigating his death as a possible suicide. His family believed there was something fishy about his demise, theorizing he may have been kidnapped and murdered.

The death certificate states Moses shot himself, but the doc also says the intent behind the fatal gunshot is unknown.

Moses' sister, Teerea Kimbro, tells TMZ ... the family received a letter this week from President Joe Biden, who offered his condolences.

Teerea tells us she's not sure how POTUS heard about Moses' death, but she thinks her late brother may have visited The White House before.

Despite the findings presented in Moses' death certificate, we're told the family still believes he did not kill himself and that he was murdered.

Norman Reedus Suffers Concussion on 'WD' Set

Norman Reedus won't be shooting down any zombies in the near future, 'cause the guy hit his head bad enough to put him out of commission for a bit ... TMZ has confirmed.

Reedus' rep tells us the actor suffered a concussion Friday on the set of "The Walking Dead" -- although it's unclear if it happened while filming or not. There's also no word, thus far, on what exactly happened and how severe it was.

It couldn't have been too bad, though ... we're told Norman's already been discharged from the hospital, and his rep says NR is "recovering well" and set to return to work soon.

Norman's in the middle of production for what is supposed to be the final season of the long-running series -- this before his own spinoff goes into production, which is expected to start sometime this year or perhaps next.

News about Norman having been injured first broke Tuesday via comic convention the Fandemic Tour, which noted he'd been hurt and had to cancel a scheduled appearance ... without elaborating on what exactly had gone down.

As you probably know ... Norman's been with 'TWD' since the very beginning, and with the offshoots in the works, ya gotta figure everyone's happy to hear he's okay.

Get well soon, bud.

'Walking Dead' Moses J. Moseley Cops No Longer Sure Shooting Was Death by Suicide

The investigation into the shooting death of 'Walking Dead' actor Moses J. Moseley just took a dramatic turn ... although cops believed he took his own life, new evidence suggests otherwise ... possibly foul play.

Moseley's body was found in his car January 26, with a bullet wound to his head and a gun sitting in his lap. Cops were investigating the death as a possible suicide.

Captain Randy Lee of the Stockbridge, GA PD tells us, "During the preliminary investigation, the potential of the death being a suicide was considered while not ruling out any other possibilities. As investigators progressed their investigation and more evidence was processed, reviewed and analyzed, other possibilities have presented themselves including accidental."

We spoke to a family member of Moseley ... they say investigators pointed to evidence of blood splatter, the way the bullet entered Moses' skull and his grip on the gun as not necessarily aligning with suicide.

The family member tells us the bullet entered below Moses' eye and never left his skull, whereas people who shoot themselves usually will put the gun to their temple (and the bullet exits on the other side) or in their mouth. He also had a "loose" grip on the gun, as if someone had put it in his hand.

TMZ broke the story, Moseley's family believed there was something fishy about his death from the get-go ... thinking it was possible he had been kidnapped and murdered.

Captain Lee tells us, "It is important to note, the case is still currently open/active and ALL possibilities and leads are being thoroughly investigated."

'WALKING DEAD' MOSES J. MOSELEY Family Believes He Was Murdered

The family of 'Walking Dead' actor Moses J. Moseley does not think he committed suicide ... they believe he was kidnapped and murdered.

Moses' sister, Teerea Kimbro, tells TMZ ... everyone who was close to Moses knew he loved life and she believes with all her heart he was kidnapped and then killed 3 days later.

We broke the story ... law enforcement sources told us Moses' body was found in Georgia Wednesday and cops were investigating his death as a possible suicide.

But, Moses' sister says he'd booked a taping for the Monday before his body was found but never showed up ... something she says he would never do. She went on to say he loved where his career was heading and they were planning big things in the near future.

Cops say they found Moses' body in his car with the doors locked, a gun in his lap and a facial bullet wound.

His sister says investigators told her the gun in question was one of hers -- she says she and Moses liked to go to the gun range and that he had a license to carry.

The family says cops told them they're looking at possible foul play, and Henry County Police Captain Randy Lee tells TMZ ... "It is being investigated as a possible suicide, however, detectives are following any and all available avenues and not ruling anything out."

A service will be held for Moses on Saturday in his hometown in South Carolina.

'Walking Dead' Moses J. Moseley Dead at 31 ... Cops Suspect Suicide


4:07 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us at this time, Moseley's death is being investigated as a possible suicide.

Moses J. Moseley, famous for playing one of Michonne's zombies in "The Walking Dead," has died at just 31 years old ... and cops are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

A family member tells us the police found Moses' body Wednesday in the Hudson Bridge area of Stockbridge, GA ... the bridge covers a freeway. We're told there's currently an active investigation into how the young actor's body ended up in the area -- and whether or not foul play was involved.

A family member tells TMZ, they hadn't heard from Moses since Sunday of last week. They called around to hospitals, to no avail. On Wednesday morning, they filed a missing person's report. They then contacted OnStar which tracked the car and that's where his body was discovered.

The family member tells us Moses died of a gunshot wound, but investigators are working to find out who pulled the trigger.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Moses got his big break on "The Walking Dead" from 2012-2015 as one of Michonne's zombies that followed her around. He also made appearances on "Watchmen" on HBO and was in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in 2013.

He appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in 2012.

'Walking Dead' Makeup Guru Zombies Won't Find You at the Dentist ... I Know More Than CDC!!!


'Walking Dead' makeup artist and executive producer Greg Nicotero doesn't need CDC guidelines to prepare for a zombie apocalypse ... he already knows a safe place to hide.

We got the genius behind the show's most epic zombies at LAX and asked him what would be in his zombie preparedness kit, something the CDC is actually advising folks to have just in case Nostradamus is right about his big 2021 prediction.

Greg tells our camera guy he just needs a makeup kit to survive ... because it would allow him to blend in with the rest of the zombie horde.

Of course, Greg's the most skilled zombie makeup artist in the world ... but for the rest of us, he says duct tape could really come in handy and the big key is hiding out in a place no zombie would ever think to look, like the dentist's office.

As we reported ... the CDC updated its website's "Zombie Preparedness" section and the overall theme is "Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Prepared."

Greg says he's sat on zombie panels with CDC doctors and he thinks the federal agency just wants Americans to at least think about what they would do in a situation like a zombie apocalypse. In reality, the CDC is just clowning a bit, but with a purpose ... to drive younger people to the site for important medical info.

It's a pretty fun exercise ... and Greg tells us why there's no sense in stocking up on toilet paper again.

'Walking Dead' Comic Co-Creator Sues Video Game Co. No Zombie-Walking Away from Paying!!!

A co-creator of 'The Walking Dead' claims folks at a video game company are stiffing him on a deal -- and now, he wants a judge to pry the money out of their lifeless corpses.

Famed comic book writer Robert Kirkman's company, RK LLC, just filed suit against Disruptor Beam Inc., which he says developed and released 'Walking Dead: March to War' in 2017 ... after he struck a 2014 deal with the company.

RK says he's owed upwards of $690,000 off that deal, but alleges Disruptor stopped making payments.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kirkman's company says the OG terms they came to with DBI were annual payments of $500k, which would run for four years after the release of the game. It came out in August 2017.

Kirkman and co. claim the video game company made payments -- sometimes late, but they came -- until this month, when the company allegedly told him it was stopping payments "until further notice."

Kirkman claims this left a $190k balance for the rest of this year plus another $500K for next year.

Kirkman's company now wants a judge to step in and force 'em to pay up at least $690K in damages.

Unclear why the video game company allegedly put their payments on hold, but something tells us the coronavirus might have something to do with it. Zombie Apocalypse ... now!

'Walking Dead' Josh Turner Busted In Tenn. ... On Warrant

Josh Turner -- famous for his work on "The Walking Dead" -- is behind bars in Tennessee after getting busted on an out of state warrant.

The actor was busted Wednesday night in Newport, Tenn. on an outstanding warrant from Oregon for an alleged assault ... this according to the Cocke County Sheriff's Office.

Turner is still jailed in Tennessee as he reportedly awaits extradition back to Oregon.

Josh has appeared in 17 episodes of "The Walking Dead," and he also had a small role in the HBO series "Watchmen," plus an uncredited part in "Twilight."

Before getting into acting, Josh was an aspiring professional wrestler, who wrestled under the name Josh "TKO" Turner. He got his start at the former WWE training camp, Ohio Valley Wrestling, and made several appearances at key wrestling promotions across the nation.

Story developing ...

'The Walking Dead' Legal War Won't Die ... With 'The Toking Dead'

AMC's "The Walking Dead" is waging legal war with the creators of a comic book series ... and just like the zombies at the heart of both stories, the dispute refuses to die.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... "The Toking Dead" filed a trademark application back in August 2017, but AMC fired back with a cease and desist, claiming copyright infringement ... and the legal standoff is still going down.

For those unfamiliar ... 'Toking Dead' is a comic strip about 2 friends who open a marijuana dispensary, and when disaster strikes and people mutate into zombies, the guys discover their weed holds the key to saving humanity.

It's kinda easy to see why the honchos at AMC don't want their super-popular show mixed up with potheads. Yeah, some people still don't like Mary Jane.

Anyways, 'Toking Dead' responded to the 'Walking Dead' legal threat by pushing forward with its trademark application and eventually publishing the comic in June 2018 in the NY Gazette.

AMC got pissed and quickly filed an opposition to the 'Talking Dead' trademark ... and now the whole thing is once again in legal limbo.

Sure, reputations, brands and money are on the line ... but maybe everyone needs to just chill out and smoke some herb.

'Walking Dead' Star L.A. Earthquakes Signal End of Times Here Comes the Looting!!!

This is the End

The earthquakes that have rocked Southern California over the past few days have left one apocalyptically-inclined actor thinkin' the end is near ... so here are his ground rules.

We got 'Walking Dead' star Lawrence Gilliard Jr. out Saturday in L.A. -- just a day after Friday's scary 7.1 magnitude quake -- and asked him if he saw any similarities between the panicked vibes of the city and what he and others experienced on the show.

Unfortunately (for all of us, perhaps), he suggests ... uh, hell yeah. The fact folks are stocking up on supplies and planning for the worst ain't a good sign, but like he says ... "You gotta be prepared." BTW, Lawrence believes that all the preparation in the world won't do any good if/when the big one hits ... 'cause Cali would be well underwater. 

Not to worry though, LGJ's got a short-term plan to deal, for himself anyway. 

ICYMI ... California, and even parts of Nevada, felt the rumblings of the initial earthquakes and their aftershocks throughout Fourth of July weekend, and in some areas ... it caused some serious damage and freaky imagery ... like this here, where the ground starts to split.

Ridgecrest -- about 100 miles east of Bakersfield -- was reportedly hit the hardest, and it sent people scrambling for cover. Here's the scene from inside a restaurant around that area.

If it ain't the end, then it damn near might be close -- leaving open the possibility of looting. Lawrence has quite the take on that one as well ... anything goes in the apocalypse.

'Fear the Walking Dead' Kid Actor Alexa Nisenson Rakes $30k for Just 5 Episodes

Alexa Nisenson's barely 12 years old but she's already got a very full piggy bank ... thanks to a fat check from her work on "Fear the Walking Dead."

The kid actress -- who played Charlie in season 4 -- earned $30,000 for appearing in 5 episodes. If she crosses her fingers, things could be looking up in 2019. According to her minors contract, obtained by TMZ, Alexa could earn another $25k if she is picked up for season 5. AMC recently just picked it up for a fifth season.

Alexa's no stranger to Hollywood. She appeared in Ice Cube's "Fist Fight," starring Charlie Day and Tracy Morgan, and lent her voice in the kids' TV series "Summer Camp Island" but 'FTWD' is her most prominent role yet. That is until "Orphan Horse" is released next week. She stars alongside Jon Voight.

Hershel from 'The Walking Dead' Scott Wilson Dies at 76

Scott Wilson -- a veteran actor with more than 50 movie credits, but best known recently for his role as Hershel Greene on "The Walking Dead" -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Scott's rep, Dominic Mancini, tells us he died due to complications from leukemia. Mancini says Wilson was "a national treasure, a calm voice, and a gentle spirit to everyone who came in contact with him." We're told he passed away peacefully at his home in L.A.

It was recently revealed by 'TWD' showrunner Angela Kang at the show's panel at New York Comic-Con that Scott -- along with former stars Sonequa Martin-Green and Jon Bernthal -- would be returning for the upcoming ninth season, which premieres Sunday.

Wilson's Hollywood career began in 1967 when he landed a role in the classic film, "In the Heat of the Night." He went on to star in "In Cold Blood" and appear in several other legendary movies like "The Great Gatsby" and "Dead Man Walking."

Scott earned a Golden Globe nom for Best Supporting Actor for playing Capt. Billy Cupshaw in the 1980 film, "The Ninth Configuration."

In more recent years, Wilson starred in the movie "Pearl Harbor" and had a recurring role on 'CSI' ... but became a fan favorite playing the lovable Hershel on AMC's smash hit 'Walking Dead' series.

Hershel's death on the show is remembered one of the most shocking and heart-breaking for TV viewers.

Scott was 76.


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